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Full Spectrum Concrete Inc. Services

Polished Concrete and Countertop Installation in Ventura, California

At Full Spectrum Concrete Inc. we never turn down a job, no matter how small. We will tackle the small concrete repair tasks that our competitors routinely refuse to do. And we always try to problem-solve for customers, often saving them money in the process.

Having been in business in Ventura, California, for more than 13 years, we boast a wealth of experience and professionalism as a concrete contractor. Our staff are all fully trained and we hold the relevant insurance and licensing certificates.

Among the services we offer are concrete restoration, concrete crack repair, decorative and stamp concrete, retaining walls, irrigation installation, polished concrete, stone tile and countertop installation. We will do excavation, rebar replacement, grading and form setting as well as sand blasting and demolition.

Our customers include both private and public clients and work has included sidewalk repairs for city/state projects. We are also insured for HOAs and project management.

At Full Spectrum Concrete Inc. we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, a high level of communication and follow-up. Staff deal honestly with clients, specialize in finding solutions that will often save our customers money, and provide a “Sunset Clause” warranty guaranteeing their workmanship for one year.

We also offer free on-site estimates for every job, whether it be custom concrete, patio cover installation, pitching, shotcrete, gutter repairs, foundations or retaining walls.

Although we are based in Ventura we will carry out work as far afield as Thousand Oaks and West Lake and we can provide state and city references.

The pricing structure at Full Spectrum Concrete Inc. is highly competitive and if you need a concrete contractor to work on your home or office then we are have the professionalism and experience to take on the job for you. So before you remove it or replace it call us to save time and money.

Polished Concrete Services

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